Balloon Sinuplasty


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The physicians of Georgia Nasal & Sinus Institute were part of the development team for the Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure.


As developers in this field they have used the balloon in sinus surgery longer than any other surgeons in the Southeast.


Since Balloon Sinuplasty’s inception in 2005, both Drs. Kuhn and  Melroy have been heavily involved in the training of hundreds of other ENT surgeons across the country in the procedure.  They have also authored some of the key landmark scientific papers on Balloon Sinuplasty and the use of Balloons in sinus surgery (some are listed below). Dr. Kuhn pioneered in- office outpatient balloon sinus surgery in 2006.


Thank you for visiting our web site as you research sinus surgery and Balloon Sinuplasty.  If you have chronic sinusitis or have had sinus surgery recommended and would like a consultation please call our office at (912) 355-1070.

Dr. Melroy discussed Balloon Sinuplasty  on WTOC’s Mid-Morning Live a few years ago.  To view this broadcast, which was taped live, click HERE.

For a video demonstration of sinusitis and balloon sinuplasty, click  HERE.