Frederick A. Kuhn, MD, FACS, FARS


Savannah, Georgia

Dr. Kuhn is the Director of the Georgia Nasal and Sinus Institute, Savannah, Georgia and is an Adjunct Professor of Otolaryngology at the University of North Carolina. He is an active and well respected researcher, author and speaker, who has written 68 papers, including 12 on allergic fungal sinusitis and numerous papers on frontal sinus surgery.† He has written 10 medical book chapters and given 42 oral paper presentations at national meetings.† He has been invited to lecture at 31 medical schools across the United States, including Johns Hopkins, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, and the Cleveland Clinic and at medical conferences in 8 foreign countries, including the Royal College of Medicine, London England and the medical societies of Austria, Sweden, Portugal, Australia, Turkey, Mexico and Singapore.† Dr.

Kuhn has been a pioneer in the field of functional sinus surgery.† He pioneered endoscopic and image guided sinus surgery, developing multiple sinus surgical procedures, including the frontal sinus rescue procedure and the endoscopic approach to the frontal sinus.† He has taught 30 advanced sinus surgery courses for practicing Otolaryngologists and has provided post graduate rhinology and sinus fellowships for 16 Otolaryngologists.† In addition, Dr. Kuhn was on the design team for the sinus surgery Diego microdebrider, was a prime developer for the instruments used in balloon sinuplasty, and has consulted with over 6 other research and instrument companies in the development of surgical instruments used in almost every American operating room.


Dr. Kuhn Completed his residency at Barnes Hospital, Washington University, St. Louis, in 1972.† He served as a Major in the United States Army Medical Corps from 1972-1974.† From 1974-1991 he was an Adjunct Professor of Otolaryngology, University of Oklahoma School of Medicine and maintained a private practice.† In 1991 he was made a Professor of Surgery/Otolaryngology at the Medical College of Georgia.† In 1995 he was invited to develop a sinus surgery department at Memorial University Medical Center, Savannah, Georgia.† Dr. Kuhn founded the Georgia Nasal and Sinus Institute in 1999.


Dr Kuhn is the only physician to ever twice receive the coveted Cottle award from the American Rhinologic Society for his ground breaking research in the relationship of sinus disease and headache.† He has been chosen by his peers to be included in the publication Best Doctors in America every year since the book was first published in 1994.† In addition he has been recognized as one of Americaís most outstanding clinicians and teachers and has been awarded the† The Golden Head Mirror Award from The American Rhinologic Society, The Gerald S. Gussac Award from The Georgia Society of Otolaryngology/HNS.† In addition he has served on the Board of Directors of the American Rhinologic Society, an organization which he also served as President.


Dr. Kuhn is married, has seven children, and is active in his church and in the community.


Click HERE to view Dr. Kuhnís curriculum vitale.

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