In addition to being a thriving specialty practice, GNSI physicians are engaged in cutting-edge scientific research and are invited guest instructors at Universities and Medical Schools around the world.† A pioneer in endoscopic and image-guided surgery, GNSI offers fellowship training for board eligible Otolaryngologists and has trained physicians who have served on the staff of Americaís leading medical centers including, Johns Hopkins, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, The Cleveland Clinic, the University of Alabama, and others.


Appointments can be made for consultations with the GNSI Physicians by calling the Georgia Nasal and Sinus Institute at†† 912-355-1070.

The Georgia Nasal and Sinus Institute, P.C. (GNSI) was established in 1999 by Dr. Frederick A. Kuhn† with the mission of delivering the finest quality of advanced medical diagnosis and treatment of nasal and sinus disease.† GNSI is the first independent practice in the nation to be solely focused on Rhinology and Sinus Surgery.† The practice has treated thousands of patients worldwide with difficult to manage problems and performs cutting-edge nasal and sinus research.


GNSIís board-certified physicians have extensive postgraduate training and expertise in nasal and sinus disorders as well as the treatment of all Ear, Nose, and Throat diseases.† The Institute focuses on the medical and

surgical treatment of chronic sinusitis, allergic fungal sinusitis, revision sinus surgery, balloon sinuplasty, sinonasal tumors, computer guided surgery, sinus and nasal tumors, and other nasal disorders.† GNSIís physiciansí resumes have been included in this website so that patients can be better acquainted with the incredible depth of expertise GNSI has to offer.








Above: Drs. Melroy and Kuhn present their work in Vienna, Austria 2007.

Advanced Sinus and Nasal Care


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